[OpenWrt Wiki] ubus (OpenWrt micro bus architecture)

ubus (OpenWrt micro bus architecture) To provide Inter process communication between various daemons and applications in OpenWrt a project called ubus has been developed. It consists of several parts including daemon, library and some extra helpers. The heart of this project is the...Read more

[OpenWrt Wiki] ubus session

ubus session Path Procedure Signature Description session create { “timeout”: timeout } Create a new session and return its ID, set the session timeout to timeout in seconds (set 0 for no expire) session list { “ubus_rpc_session”:...Read more

openwrt ubus · Issue #584 · home assistant core · GitHub

So if you log into the OpenWRT router and execute $ ubus list Do you see file in your output?. Here is an example of what I am showing: [email protected]:~# ubus list file hostapd.wlan0 hostapd.wlan1 log network network.device network.interface network.interface.lan network.interface.loopback network.interface.wan network.interface.wan6 network.wireless service session system uci...Read more

ubus Refresh session on Access denied by glance · Pull ...

Back in "ubus: Refresh session on Access denied (home assistant#8111)" I added the decorator _refresh_on_acccess_denied. Somehow that stopped multiple ubus trackers from working in parallel, and only the one first init'ed worked. Changing the order of the decorators fixes the issue but, I'm sorry to say I can't figure out why....Read more

LuCI invalid login after upgrade · Issue #1381 · openwrt ...

I’ve upgraded my router firmware to the latest LEDE snapshot and now I can’t login into LuCI anymore. However, I can ssh just fine (pheew!) and I did not change the root password. I tried with Firefox, Safari and Chrome, to make sure it ......Read more

[OpenWrt] uses Ubus to implement process communication

Ubus provides a common framework for interprocess communication in the development of OPENWRT platforms. It makes the implementation of interprocess communication very simple, and ubus is highly portable and can be easily ported to other Linux platforms....Read more

[OpenWrt Wiki] LuCI2 (OpenWrt web user interface)

LuCI2 (OpenWrt web user interface) For years OpenWrt was using LuCI, a web user interface written in Lua. It required several Lua extensions (like ubus, luci.model.uci, nixio.fs, etc.) to access system info and settings. Unfortunately this solution appeared to be quite resource consuming and didn't work well on devices with slow CPU and little amount of RAM....Read more

GitHub rytilahti python ubus Python library for ...

Python library for accessing ubus over JSON RPC. Contribute to rytilahti python ubus development by creating an account on GitHub....Read more

GitHub mkschreder juci JUCI JavaScript Webgui for ...

My page xyz can not access ubus. I get "Access Denied" in browser console. Solution: check that you have proper acl permissions configured in your access.json file in your plugin (if it is not there then create it use existing plugins to see how). Then copy this file to your router and restart rpcd ( etc init.d rpcd restart). Then it should work....Read more

Openwrt Ubus Access Denied

Openwrt Ubus Access Denied

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  • Post Date : March 8, 2021